I'm so glad that worship is not pigeon-holed into one category of our lives such as singing. Worship is a Christ-like lifestyle. That being said, I am also grateful for the specialization or Calling that God places upon the believer's lives, including that of music. Some worship and serve Christ through teaching, others through the children's ministry, some through the janitorial needs of the church and still others through the administration, but I fall into the music Calling and ministry. 

I feel blessed to have been gifted by God a voice to sing. I have sung non-Christian songs that bring joy into the lives of others as well as myself. However, the ability to sing is an honor and privilege as I sing for, to and about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I have sung in choirs, I have sung in teams or smaller groups and I have performed solos. I am thankful for all these different types of scenarios but any song I sing does not bring full meaning unless I can share it with someone. Secular artists have their concerts with audiences in various sized arenas. Churches with their bands, choirs and soloists have a congregation to help lead in song. But what about when we are one-on-one with The Lord?

I know right now I cannot see the physical embodiment of my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus - but I know His Holy Spirit never leaves my side. He comes with me through my mess. He is with me in the blissful moments and everywhere in between. There is nowhere He is not. With that comfort I can speak to Him, I can praise Him, I can SING to Him, for Him and about Him.

However, singing appreciation about visible results from my invisible Savior is one thing, there will come a day when the thin curtain of the unseen will vaporize with the command of Christ, the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God. From that point forward, I believe I will supernaturally have a one-on-one with Christ any moment I desire. Can you imagine singing or playing your instrument, as the "Little Drummer Boy" song depicts, before The Lord - eyeball to eyeball? I would need some supernatural strength to keep me on my feet and on key.

I ponder on this scene quite a lot. Music is such a powerful tool and great therapy when needed. Music is also a wonderful gift that I totally enjoy laying back at the feet of Jesus by singing to Him now and imaging one day My Personal Recital.