All of who I was, all of who I am and all of who I am to be - Christ Jesus has orchestrated. God saw my unformed body and my unmade days beforehand (Psalm 139:16). Then the Lord took great care in creating all of who I am in my mother's womb (Psalm 139:13). 

He made me - a human saturated with rebellious tendencies but with the potential for a radically changed lifestyle. He placed me in an environment that fostered Christian growth and development. At age nine, I decided to follow Jesus. I am now 50 and cannot imagine life without Christ Jesus my Savior. He has been, is and will always be The Lover of my Soul.

With nothing short in supply to worry about these days, having not only someone but the Lord of all creation as the lover of your soul is extraordinary. Anxiety about anything and everything is easy and commonplace for many people now-a-days. North Carolina experienced a tropical storm and an earthquake within a week on top of dealing with a world-wide virus. I even have my own fretful moments, especially when those moments come in waves or droves.

However, I know the Peace Maker or The Prince of Peace and rely on His counsel and fortified safety. Yes, the Lord has supplied me with friends and family to receive comforting words and loving support when needed, but God restores my soul.

My will, personality, thoughts and emotions are what make-up my soul. My soul gets weary at times. During these exhausted moments or tiring seasons, there is no better person to entrust my body and soul to than the Lover of my Soul - Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior!

Psalm 23 really comes alive during these challenging times, especially the beginning part - "He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul". Some translations say "refreshes" instead of "restores".

I do not think it coincidence that the soul is refreshed and/or restored beside "still waters". Christ stilled the waters for the Disciples twice not only to prove His mastery over creation, but over any circumstance, especially the turbulent ones. This display of His Sovereignty in Scripture and in my own life re-aligns me with Jesus. His control over all refreshes my whole being and assures me of His title Restorer of My Soul.