One way or another, in some form or fasion - all of us influence the people in our lives. The impact could be a second or it could be forever or anywhere in between. But our development and the development of those around us is no accident. Chance has no place in purpose. In a plan, an experience can be odd or different but not random.

Also, claiming nature or nuture as the winner of character creation is difficult. Both nature and nuture have a direct intent on shaping our soul. Our surroundings work hand-in-hand with relationships to mold us. While balance of respect between one's environment and one's relationships is the ultimate human condition, relationships with others seems to favor our attention and care.

Author, Brian A. "Drew" Chalker stated in his poem Reason, Season and a Lifetime - "People always come into your life for a reason, season and a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do."

Life is all about relationships and the impact thereof. No matter whether you consider yourself a drop-in-the-sea impact person or a Billy Graham or Paul of the New Testament type influence - you are still effecting them in some manner. I guess it boils down to - do you care to send the very best?

Continuing on in his poem, Mr. Chalker explains how the first person that comes into your life, the one with a "reason", usually performs his/her task and then leaves your life - a short-lived encounter.

The second person mentioned is the seasonal individual. The time frame could be The Summer or a season of difficutly or celebration that he/she moves into your life and then they are gone.

The third relationship is a Lifetime. Family and best friends are just a couple of examples here. The quantity of years has been explicit in Brian's poem of purpose in relationships. However, as I asked earlier - what about the quality of our impact or influence? 

We will always have an Audience of One - God. Beyond the Lord's watchful eyes, whether there is only one in your life or many, our influence should be the positive one that stirs hope, encourages change and lends a helping hand in the process.

Considerate people are considerate because they stopped and considered the ramifications of being in a bad situation that is being presented before them and then choosing to do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

It is good to reflect, regroup and realign the purpose and intent of one's plan of life to that of God's. In doing so the rewards to us and for those we influence are eternal. Now, my prayer is I and my fellow Christians will impact the world for Christ, not only for a short span, nor a defined season but a lifetime.