The Rewards of a Pure Life

I have always believed in integrity. I have certainly not been the best example of it at different points in my life, but only One has lived the perfect life - Christ Jesus. However, this does not mean I do not keep integrity as an integral part of my life - on the contrary, integrity or being "pure of heart" as Scripture refers to it is a major daily goal of mine that I pray is shown.

One of the definitions of integrity is soundness, like the soundness of an object or dependability of a person. This aspect of integrity is a result of an excellent foundation - Jesus Christ. The Lord's life was and is the perfect example of integrity-living. When using myself or anybody else as a foundation or measure for integrity, my purity of heart and benefits thereof will not be there.

There are rewards or major benefits for seeking the pure lifestyle. Matthew speaks about being able to see God as a reward for having a pure heart (Matt. 5:8). David says the right to ascend the mountain of the Lord, stand in His holy place, receive blessing and vindication from Christ - all begins with purity of heart (Ps. 24:3-5).

David says in Psalm 51:10, "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

When I researched the word "pure" in Psalm 51:10, the definition supplied was clean and fair in a chemical, physical, ceremonial and moral sense. That word was Tahor (tawhor) in the original Hebrew. The root of this word, Taher (tawhare), is a great word that sums up the challenge of purity for the believer - uncontaminated.

Take notice of some things in this very humble and important prayer of David's. First, David requested of the Lord two things, "a pure heart" and "steadfast spirit". In the first request, David did not have any of what he asked God concerning, therefore his appeal to "create" in him a pure heart. The second request of a "steadfast spirit" David had at one time because he asked God to "renew" it "within" him. The point is David was willing to humble himself and request of God that which he was in deficit on both accounts.

I pray that I am a man of integrity now and always. A man whose daily goal is to seek, gain and maintain a pure heart and steadfast spirit - not only for myself and as an example for others but for The Rewards of a Pure Life.