Welcome to another great year and edition of In My Humble Opinion.  The self-proclaimed, award-winning publication on the pulse of the Carolina Tarheel men's basketball team.  I am Chad the writer, editor, CEO, and all other positions and it is great to have you along for this wonderful ride with the true Blue and White!

Our journey starts with Lipscomb this time.  Before the encounter Coach Williams said he was concerned with this team because of their outside threat (3-point capability).  That fear was well met with plenty of bombs from the Bison in the first half that kept them in the game.  This shot has always been Carolina's weakness and everybody knows it.  The percentages have been played and continue to be played to a certain degree, but with three point specialist in other teams arsenal, UNC is going to have to develop a plan for that threat.  I suggest placing someone with very long arms and the talent of knowing how to move his feet well with his opponents movement - to guard the three-point shooter.

The team overall looked dull.  I realize it was the first game of the season and the Heels were finally playing a game that counts against somebody other than themselves, BUT with the young and old talent we have on the team, I thought we would look a little better.  This dullness was in all aspects of the game so I can't single out one or two areas and focus on them.  However, a bright spot to focus on is the shot blocking ability.  That will come in quite "handy" (pun intended - ha).  I look forward to all the backward rejections.

At first glance, my first impressions of the new kids on the block for the Heels were good.  Down the road a piece I can see the following line-up doing some serious damage.......

 Next on the list is Hofstra, at 5 PM in Puerto Rico on Thursday, November 18, 2010.