IMHO - Enstallment 2 - 2010

Plain and simple:

The Tarheels loss to Minnesota was due to the lack of not spreading the "love", the "rock", the ball around for others to contribute in the points column besides Barnes.  You can not wait for a star player to get hot and watch him go 0-12 and not have others REALLY take a crack at getting the team back on track.

The loss to Vanderbilt was due to the lack of knowledge of what play signals go with what plays and "where-in-the-heck am I suppose to be on the floor" mentality for everybody - which leads everybody and their grand mama to scream - the Heels have no leadership.  Carolina desperately needs a floor General and we have been missing that ever since Larry Drew took the point.

The Ashville win?!  Really?! (Sarcasm included)  This was due to the fact that we allowed other players to play (note my comments on Minnesota).  Zeller got 23 points.  Wow!  Look what happens when you get the ball to someone who has been on the team and knows the plays slightly better than most of the others, especially the newbies (sarcasm included).

For the young, General-less, confused Tarheel squad that now presents itself before the nation, the national ranking it has should not be.  If you are going to HAVE to rank UNC then put them at the bottom, #25, and let them work up.  Don't start them off at #8 just because of.......  You got to look at the whole capability. 

I believe I heard Coach Williams said that he was not going to allow himself or the basketball program to go through another year like last year.  Well, a few losses like this does not constitute panic but it sure smells like the old rags of last year - let's go ahead and get it in gear, shall we.