I saw an article that had a picture with the caption "Incredible Religious Monuments" recently.  That is what triggered my thoughts and spirit to the subject at hand - us as Incredible Christian Monuments.  In describing my faith I do not call or label myself "religious".  You can be "religious" about tying your shoes every day or other activities.  I am a Christian and I am honored to be branded as such. 

Usually most monuments are set up in honor of people, places, or things of the past.  To that end I still say that we as Christians and even non-Christians wanting to learn about the faith can study the great men and women of Christendom, the "Monuments" that have passed on (C.S. Lewis, Walvrood, Moody, etc...).  BUT I believe we, as Christians, can be "lively monuments".  A person where other people can come to and draw from their life experiences but more importantly their life walk with Jesus in those experiences;  a living testimony that has a "Hall of Fame" to the Lord just waiting to be shared for the encouragement of all.

I pray I am a beautiful, living monument for the LORD.  That whatever I share or can answer from my own walk with Christ will strengthen and encourage by brothers and sisters in HIM and believers to be.  I know my structure may need renovating every now and then, but my God is in that business too.  I also pray that the LORD would give me more opportunities therefore stories therefore encouragements for my "Hall of Fame".

LORD prepare me to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy tried and true
With thanksgiving I'll be a living
Sanctuary for you