Forgive me if you have heard the following analogy before, but I am now in Galatians (in my read through of the Bible) and as I was pausing to soak in what I had just read, the Holy Spirit dropped this into my heart, mind, and spirit -

Imagine a door.  On the other side of this door there is Father God.  No one can go over, under, or around the door.  The door has a lock and the door is in fact...locked.  This door has only one key that will open it.  You and I have tried many other keys, made by us, to unlock the door, but with no success.  However, there is one key that has been known to unlock the door if we would just set our set of keys down, recognize the one true key, and use it by activating our faith in Father God's Son, Jesus Christ.

You see The Door that separates Father God from man represents our fallen/sinful relationship with God. 

The Lock on The Door has many tumblers inside it and will only match the grooves of one key.  The Lock and it's many Tumblers represent all the requirements of The Law which had to be met for the redemption of humanity's relationship to God.

The One Key is Jesus.  He prophetically fulfilled every letter of The Law with His life, death, and resurrection - therefore, turning the key and swinging wide the Door-Way of Heaven, covered in the Lamb's sacrificial blood - providing the open way back to a redeemed relationship with Father God!

Can you hear the click, click, click of the key as it was inserted in the lock and law after law was fulfilled by Christ?  Praise you Lord for being The Key to my Redemption and saving me from the curse of The Law!