I recently read an article entitled - "Systems, Not Sith: How Inter-service Rivalries Doomed the Galactic Empire".  As you can tell by the title, the content concerns a deeper look at the story lines in the movie/saga - Star Wars.

The article compares The Empire and its many different military divisions to the United States and its branches of military.  The author, Ben Adams, likens the weaknesses we see in the fictitious movie scenario to the real life events of the U.S. military.  Here are some of the contributions to the downfall of the Empire.  These may reflect on the U.S., so pay attention.

"Inter-service and intra-service rivalries are just an expression of the office politics that plague every large organization. The way that those systems are designed determine the effect of those rivalries on the organization’s effectiveness. The high-stakes of Imperial rivalries and lack of checks and balances in the Empire’s political system ensures that petty personal and inter-service politics would have dramatic negative effects on the overall effectiveness of the Imperial military. This resulted in myopic strategic thinking, shoddy acquisitions and ineffective tactical operations that combined to doom the Empire."

Mr. Adams proceeds to break down these thoughts of his - "strategic thinking", "shoddy acquisitions" and "ineffective tactical operations" - throughout the rest of the article.  However, I will supply the link at the bottom of this blog for your access to read the entire product.  Meanwhile, I will tell you that a major thought even though he may not have come right out and said it was - America will always have people growing in disgust at their government.  The rub comes with those that choose to go down a violent path for their so-called solution.  These people may get in touch with undesirables in other countries and as soldiers in our own military who have been treated badly, they offer to undermine some part of the equation by allowing an undesirable access (in many different fashions) to our military resources.  This is just one area that will degrade "The Shield" over the United States "Death Star".  Fighting among ourselves in the military from Private to the President is eating away at our unity.  Plus, not supplying the current troops appropriately (money, healthcare, and psychological services) and the vets respectfully, pulls us down even more.  There are many other cracks in the dam.

"The Emperor and Darth Vader enforce a system where only personal power and influence matter. Individual Admirals and Generals are shown early and often that to put any interest ahead of their own is a one-way ticket to force-choke town. When you demand nothing less than perfection, and enforce that demand with the threat of death, you are only inviting subordinates to lie to you. It’s why Storm Troopers can’t shoot straight OR find the droids they’re looking for; it’s why Super Star Destroyer can be taken down by a single fighter and why the most important defense shield in the Empire can be captured by a squad of soldiers and a bunch of Ewoks. Ultimately, it’s why the Empire fails."

Wow!  Who knew Star Wars could say so much?  But think about it.  Meanwhile, the link to the entire article is here -

Oh, and by the way....May The Forc.....Spirit Of The Living God Be With You!