Back when I attended college there was no internet. So, when I wanted to keep in touch with Tanya and write a lot that was on my heart and mind, I would do just that – hand write a letter. I know, don’t faint, I do come from that generation. I hand wrote most of my letters. There were some I typed on a typewriter. Then the word-processor came along and I used it also. However, I would always end my letters to Tanya – Love, KSA. The KSA part stood for what she called me – her Knight in Shinning Armor.

Now-a-days it seems that Armor is “dulling”, but I try my best to keep it “polished”. I open doors for her, protect her from varmints (the insect kind), listen to her ideas and how her day went, love her, support her, and be a Godly man in addition to all this. I try to keep Chivalry and Christ’s mode of operation extended to my wife at all times.

I know I have not been perfect in this full-time endeavor but evidently she meant it when she said “I do” 19 years ago on October 15th and I am so glad and blessed she did. She is still with me, still loves and respects me, she still calls me her Knight in Shinning Armor, and I still call her My Lady.

Happy upcoming 19th Anniversary to My….. Lady Tanya.