Romans 16:20 suggests this idea:

"The God of peace will smash and completely obliterate Satan under your feet! If Satan tries to get in your way or to block your path, then it's time for you to act like a soldier - lift your feet high, stomp and pound down hard, crushing the enemy under your feet and leaving him in a heap, trampled beyond recognition, as you march on..."

However, it is important to point out that this smashing and crushing of Satan must be done in cooperation with God. Alone you are no match for this archenemy. That's the reason Paul says, '...The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet....'. In other words, this is a joint partnership between you and God. By yourself, you could never keep Satan subdued. But with God as your Partner, the devil has no chance of ever slipping out from under your heel!

The glorious truth is that Jesus already completely destroyed Satan's power over you through His death and resurrection. The devil was utterly smashed, crushed, and bruised when Jesus was victoriously raised from the dead. Your God-given mission now is to reinforce the victory already won and to demonstrate just how miserably defeated Satan already is!

The enemy may try to lord himself over you; he may attempt to exert his foul influence over your life. However, he is merely using empty threats and illusions to feed fear into your mind.

Never forget - the only place that rightfully belongs to the devil is the small space of ground right under your feet!

[This was an excerpt from Rick Renner's - Sparkling Gems From The Greek, p.182]