Perspective is so key in life, especially in a faith-walk. I was watching the movie "The King's Speech" the other day and the newly found king said, "I'm not a king, I'm a navy man." His position was thrust upon him and he had to deal with all the responsibilities associated with it, in a very short time-frame. However, if he could have gotten a hold of a kingly perspective ahead of time, the transition and position itself would have been a lighter burden.

The way I see it (ha), perspective sets the proper context for a situation that is current, past, or future. I have said, "Hindsight is 20/20" or perfect vision, but what I need to say is - "What does the Lord say about this?" His ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9), therefore His perspective is higher and the view for how we should address any situation - past, present or future - should be screened through God's context for our lives - His Word.

I am by no means a professional at keeping God's perspective in my life. But it is so refreshing to come back to God's Word and find the hopeful, grace-filled, compassionate perspective God has concerning anything, especially my life. So, I take this opportunity to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ - look into God's Word, consider His promises for your soul and Take On His Perspective.