When I was much younger, my family (the home/house) consisted of Mom, Dad, Josh and Grandma. Usually, when I was home weekdays so was everybody else except Dad. My Father worked two careers and wherever I was in my split-level house when he came home - I knew it was him coming through the door. 

Some telltale signs of his arrival were the rattling of his keys as he unlocked the door and entered. Another sign he was home was Mom's verbal greeting and loving greeting of a kiss. However, what seems to stand out to me the most as the sign Dad was home was the sound of his hard sole shoes on our hard wooden floor.

Knowing Dad was safely home would always elicit a smile and comfortable sigh from me. It was then that I felt and knew our family was complete, a unit again. This is an atmosphere that God has been communicating to me repeatedly lately. An atmosphere of God's Omni-Presence in my life. 

Recently, I went through another situation where I wanted to understand God but didn't. What was left? His Faithfulness and Trust in His Faithfulness. Just like throughout my life I did not understand some ways of my earthly father - the ways that I do know prove his faithfulness to me and my family and so can be trusted. 

With my father's entrance into the house comes his track-record of provision, his offering for the future and his fatherly presence. So it is with God in the believer's life. God promises never to leave us or forsake us. Many do not have the blessing of seeing and loving their earthly father right now. However, Christians have a Father, a Heavenly Father who has made this Temple, we call our body, Dad's Home.