Each one of us has many needs.  The burdens of life seem to increase as we grow older. Now-a-days that seems to happen quicker and more intensely than I remember when I was growing up. Back in my more youthful days there was something sacred and worthy of a vacation. Even moreso was if there was a Campfire involved in that vacation.

Ah, vacations. This usually meant a change of scenery (i.e. the beach, the mountains, a campground, etc...). To "Get-Out-of-Dodge" was a refreshing start to a time of momentarily forgetting our troubles, setting aside our needs and re-energizing our "batteries". However, at least for me, when we had them, the campfire was the time that really sealed the deal.

The campfire - even as I would approach it on a clear, stary night - would melt all my remaining concerns away. The campfire seemed to unify everybody. We were all around it receiving warmth and light from it and enjoying each others company all at the same time. No burdens, no worries, and no cares. Sometimes stories would be told around the fire. Other times songs would be sung around the fire. Still at other times words were not needed at all around the campfire.

I have this same kind of Campfire experience every time I spend quality time with the Holy Spirit. He is Light, warmth and great company to my soul. The wonderful promise I hold onto and have experienced many times from the Lord is found in John 14:26 - 
  • But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.
I encourage you to establish these personal Campfire Meetings with The Lord if you don't already have them activated in your Christian walk. If you do have these campfires in your life, I would submit maybe you and I need to return to these refreshings, these get-aways with The Lord more often.

Something to look forward to is when the whole Christian family is called away to the eternal vacation with Christ in Heaven. There in Heaven gathered around The Throne together we will have The Ultimate Campfire forever.