"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:" - Ecclesiastes 3:1

Just because you or someone has a gripe about something, doesn't mean now or a certain venue is the place to voice your complaint. I am talking about timing. I am NOT talking about agreeing or disagreeing with your or anyone's position on a matter. Not only do you have to know which battles to fight, but when to fight them and where.

However, if I was to take a stance on what is going on in our sports, particularly the NFL, I would have the following to contribute. I am against racism. I am for standing against racism, but at another time than the National Anthem. 

The National Anthem is a song meant to bring us together not show signs of division. It's lyrics are saturated with perseverance and unity. In a period of American history when we need these characteristics in our culture, let us not pollute this time; this singing/playing of The National Anthem with griping. There is always going to be something or someone to complain about in our government, society and culture. So, athletes/anybody else, save your displeasures for your press conferences or other appropriate opportunities.

There was a time when going to the movies and/or attending a sporting event was a breath of fresh air. The outing was an attempt to get away from ordinary life or the challenges and frustrations that life brings. Now, sports are allowing the infiltration of life's frustrations inside and these events are not escapes anymore. In other words, at least for me, Bring Pure Sport Back.