Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has written a book entitled - Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable Or Fireproof? What an awesome introspective question that has profound influence in our private and public lives daily as believers in Christ.

I have not read Mr. Bonnke's book, but this idea is not to difficult to follow through. Let us study the later word first - Fireproof. The second side of the equation that Mr. Bonnke proposes is sad and not just lukewarmness, but flat out being Holy Spirit Fireproof. We could ask ourselves - are we utterly desensitized to God's voice in our lives, in our church or in our country? Would we even recognize Him if He gave us additional chances to rekindle the passion for, by and with Him? This is what it means to be Fireproof - to be at the point in your life where you are numb to God for whatever reason. We could have kicked God out of our lives and placed a wall around our spiritual mind and heart. We could have replaced God with something else that receives all our fire. Whatever the reason, do we consider our selves Holy Spirit Fireproof?

Now, take the first word - "flammable" by the Holy Spirit - Are we on fire FOR the Holy Spirit and BY the Holy Spirit consistently so that His Bonfire in us draws others to His warmth and light/truth? 

Notice I used the Bonfire analogy. The Fruits of His Spirit need to be so evident in us that they are as clear and useful as like standing in front of a Bonfire for its warmth and light. I think many of us have kept the Candle mentality to our Christian light and warmth. Instead of the Bonfire picture of faith mentioned above there is  the image of a flame that is small and easily obscured with little warmth to show to others. I do not mean to convey everybody must be extroverts or bubbly outgoing people, but only that God's Presence and His Character are FLAMMINGLY EVIDENT in our lives.

GOD has given, blessed and "seated us with Him in heavenly places" (Eph. 2:6-7) for His Glory. We have been granted not just life, but "abundant life" to live out with Him (John 10:10) and to share with others. If you do let your light shine, take out the word "little" in the song that we sing and replace it with "Big Ole Light" ("This Little Light Of Mine"). So, where are you in your combustibility for, by and with The Holy Spirit - Are you Holy Spirit Flammable Or Fireproof?