I don't know that there is a better compliment you could receive than one that sites God in your life. For example, "Sister Suzy, I just wanted to let you know that your worship as you lead in singing is beautiful. I see God in you and all over you and your worship makes me want to worship Him. Praise God for you Suzy!" That is just a taste of the many different ways we could compliment each other. I feel we hold back too much for fear of the Big Head Disease catching. I believe that is a spirit which is holding us back from Encouraging and Loving on one another. Allow God to deal with the compliment afterwards. Trust God. I love the complementary and encouraging friends I have in my life. Praise God for these people.

I don't know that there is a better gift than having an army of friends who will pray for you and your family. These friends are not just any-ole-friends, but ones that know about life, know The Author and Finisher of Our Faith, and know how to tug on The Master's Robe! When you ask these people in your life to pray for you or your family - you know that it is not long at all before Heaven is being bombarded and God is getting an ear-full of petitions and requests on your behalf. And they range from the simple, quiet Prayer Warriors to the grab-a-hold of your seat we are gonna get Raptured soon Prayer Warriors. I love them all, but gravitate more toward the passionate prayers. Not that God is deft or does not know His own Word or does not know what we are feeling - but it is real, raw and from the gut. I love my Prayer Warrior Friends.

I don't know much but, I Love These People.