Kings of Mountains & Kings of molehills

Remember the game - "King of the Mountain"? In this self-explanatory game, the one standing on top of whatever is deemed "the mountain" tries to stay there while others who want that position attempt to knock him/her off, claim The King's spot and then defend their newly acquired role as King from "dethronage". If you can stay King through all the attacks, you have won.

There are many who still seek to "play" this "game" in adulthood. The exception is The Mountain is now an organization, a council, a board position, a family or a nation. All who seek to "play" are seeking to rule their prospective mountain. However, sometimes that which they rule is truly a mountain and sometimes that which they rule is just a molehill.

Funny thing about molehills or smaller mountains is that you have to determine - are they on the rise to great, high peaks of splendorous vistas or on the decline to gently, rolling hills of peaceful retirement? Just like knowing which battles or complications in life are worth taking on, so it is with knowing what hilltops to invest in if you desire to be King/Queen of a particular thing.

To me, there are three ways to keeping one's rule or kingship once you have secured your position, whatever it may be.
  1. Might
  2. Intelligence
  3. Presence
Might does not always have to be displayed physically or militarily. One can show might by having great support from the right people. Power can come in the control and manipulation of people, places and things.

Intelligence feeds what kind of Power or Might needs to be distributed. If you have a great network of people and resources at your disposal, then the greater your intelligence is going to be for every decision.

Presence feeds Intelligence and Might in that it is a passive and active force to be reckoned with. As a king, if you have your presence represented in all of your towns and cities, then you have ears to keep you informed and a voice that can declare your orders. This is more of the passive essence of presence - representation everywhere. Then you have the king's more active, bodily presence that commands respect and immediate action when he proclaims an edict, especially if Might and Intelligence are working for him properly.

These three keys - Might, Intelligence and Presence - are all associated with The Office of the King. I see this as separate from the qualities of the person - The King. We have as our perfect example - King Jesus. Christ Jesus, our Lord, is All-Powerful (Might), All-Knowing (Omniscience/Intelligence) and Everywhere (Omnipresent). These are the descriptions of His office as King of kings. The person that makes up Christ, The King has qualities that describe Him as wonderful, faithful, true, anchor, almighty and everlasting. 

If we want to learn how to become those priests and kings of God that we are suppose to be, then we need to take our example from King Jesus. No matter what you are trying to master - a seemingly small mound or a very large peak in life, with God's Might or Power in your life, with Christ's Intelligence or Word in your life and with God's Presence or Holy Spirit in your life - we can be Kings of Mountains & Kings of molehills.