I was reading about King David's plans to build the first Temple of God and was reminded in my study that -
  1. He bought the temple site
  2. Gathered materials
  3. Appointed 24,000 Levites to work on it
  4. Appointed 6,000 to Oversee the construction
  5. Ordered 4,000 to Guard the structure while it was being built
  6. Here's the kicker - and Ordered 4,000 people to play instruments and sing praises to God during the building.
Ever heard the expression "Whistle While You Work"? The notion is to make the day easier and more light-hearted by whistling or humming a tune. The exception here is I encourage a Godly Whistle, hum or song to come forth. That is my impression to all who are taking on new responsibilities or remaining in old ones in your church, work and community. 

As you minister - hum, sing and praise the Lord. Let there be an Atmosphere of Praise and Worship established Before, During and After the service or whatever event is before you. This praise will lay the foundation or set the tone for people to experience church and you. Plus, this benefits our own souls.

Perhaps you are already practicing this. If you have implemented something to this nature in your church and personal life - well done. However, if this is the first time you have heard this Impression or Idea then I strongly urge you to run with it - this is why I am writing to you. I know I don't do this enough so I need to get back at it. But it is my hope and prayer that wherever you are and whatever capacity you are serving in that, unto God, you will "Whistle While You Work".