God is more than enough in any category of our lives, so go ahead, ask your question. There is freedom, in Christ, to ask God about and for anything. I would go out on a limb and say most of the time the Lord will answer in one of three ways - 

  1. I will do the very thing you ask.
  2. Not yet.
  3. I have something better in mind for you.
Many times the second and third answers blend with His timing being an uncomfortable learning lesson that develops more Christ-like character in us.

Concerning the ways of God and His promises, Doubt and Fear are evil spirits that will use negative situations, especially prolonged ones, to inject their poisinous ideas. I know, as a Christian, I am not the only one who has been challenged with these spiritual aggravations, but even those close to Christ experienced this and Christ's reply was amazing.

John the Baptist. This man went from leaping in his mother's womb as a reaction to being near Jesus in Mary's womb to dressed in camel hair, eating locust and out in the desert by the Jordan River baptizing people as he proclaimed the Kingdom of God is near to baptizing his cousin and hearing the voice of Father God saying that Jesus was His Son and was pleased with Him.

At this point, Jesus would go His way and John his, but later John would be imprisioned. There, facing death, Doubt and Fear worked on Christ's forerunner. In Matthew 11:2 John sends messengers to ask Jesus - "Are you the one who is to come or should we expect someone else?" 

My human side can sure relate to this inquiry. John is about to die and wants to know if his commitment to the cause of the Messiah and His coming was worth it and if his cousin was the right one.

My spiritual side wants to travel back in time and counsel John - look at your life and God's hand on it; now look at Jesus' life and God's hand on it - you are paired with The Savior, John.

Before John was beheaded, Jesus not only gave him a "yes, I am the one who has come - Emmanuel." but sent him these encouraging proofs - 

  1. the blind see
  2. the lame walk
  3. those with leprosy are cleansed
  4. the deaf hear
  5. the dead are raised and
  6. the Good News is proclaimed to the poor. (Matt. 11:4-6)
Then Jesus goes the extra mile and dotes on His cousin calling him "the Elijah who was to come" and "among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater." Jesus knows what is about to happen to John and takes a moment to eulogize His cousin, His servant, His Kid of the Kingdom - John the Baptist. Even after John's death, when Jesus learns of the beheading, Jesus shows emotion and goes to reflect and this is recorded in Matthew 14:13 - "When Jesus heard what had happened, He withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place."

God can and has been specific with His answers to questions. The person answering the question is always at liberty to answer in any fashion they deem appropriate, but especially God. The reader of God's Word can observe this once again in the life of Job. As a reader depression is easy to catch with all that Job experienced. But just like John, Job asked his question(s) and God answered. So, I encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ - wherever you are on your faith journey God is more than enough in any category of our lives, so Go Ahead, Ask Your Question.