Just A Closer Walk With Thee

I believe the meaning of life is relationships, specifically a relationship with Christ Jesus that governs all other relationships. 

Having this kind of foundation in my life grants me clear direction on my goals, attitude, mindset and over-all orientation of my life. My objective throughout life is to share with others my relationship with Christ. 

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that when I share my relationship with Christ with them, they receive it as an attempt to force-feed them my religion. I've got news for everyone - I don't force-feed anyone. Everybody has a mind and heart of their own, all I am doing is sharing, just exposing anyone who would listen and consider a relationship, not a religion, like I have with Christ Jesus.

Knowing and working within my foundation, direction and objective of life - I still get caught up in the minutiae, the routine of life. Routine and details are great for consistency and possibly feeling secure in what you do, but it certainly brings with it boredom and a sense of the doldrums. It can be an enemy to the newness and further development of some unique adventure that God desires to take me on. 

Every start to the new year brings with it a sense of a fresh beginning. I desire for that sense to stay with me every day of the remainder of the year. My prayer this year is that the Holy Spirit will download His revelations to my mind, heart and spirit every day and that I will walk closer to Him. I believe that will certainly go a long way in eliminating the doldrums. 

I also pray and look for renewed excitement and different effective methods of communicating my enthusiasm for Christ's continual love. The Vikings had a boat for the inter-waterway that contained a sail for when there was wind and oars for when there was no wind. This boat could travel everywhere not just on the streams, but on the oceans as well. I desire to be this versatile for the Lord. I want to strike the oars and be active when the doldrums arrive. Love is an action word and He first loved me, now I desire to increase my action, my love for Him.

"Just a closer walk with thee, 

Grant it Jesus, is my plea.

Daily walking close to thee,

Let it be, Dear Lord, let it be." 

(Just A Closer Walk With Thee, by Patsy Cline)


  1. Great insight here friend! I wish more people would open their hearts to our Lord Jesus! He is the way to salvation!


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