The Search

Searching - I beleive humanity is in this mode from birth onward. We search for what we do not possess and deem required in either the want or need columns of our lives. We search for knowledge, meaning and our next meal. We search for our mate, career and peace of mind. Most everything is done from a platform of searching.

We did and still do not come into this world knowing everything, nor will we leave this world having attained that distinction. Humans will hopefully, forever be learning and God will always be glad to teach.

Talk about a personal God, God is all-knowing yet in at least four places in Scripture - Romans 8:27; 1 Corinthians 2:10; Revelation 2:23 and Psalm 139:1 God is described as not only actively participating in the lives of those He has redeemed, but intimately investigates their hearts and minds or as the Bible says - "searches".

Barnes Notes On The Bible commentary states - "It is not to be supposed that he [the Holy Spirit] searches, or inquires as people do who are ignorant; but that he has an intimate and profound knowledge, such as is usually the result of a close and accurate search. The result is what the apostle means to state - the accurate, profound, and thorough knowledge, such as usually attends research. He does not state the mode in which it is obtained; but the fact. And he uses a word more emphatic than simple knowledge, because he designs to indicate that his knowledge is profound, entire, and thorough."

As God searches our hearts and minds - what will He reveal? If a major, permanent, spiritual and mental "Spring Cleaning" is needed then I recommend we all be sensitive to that leading. However, other questions might be posed that get the Christian searching correctly or searching to begin with. Questions like - Do we search for the lost? Do we search for the hurting? Do we search out the less fortunate? Do we search for more ways to love God?

Searching brings with it the intent on following through with whatever one finds. Sometimes the end of the search is not what was expected and you might have to discard the results, but don't throw away the journey and it's lessons with the results. In order to be a better person in all facets of our lives, we must receive God's searching us and we must search God as we continue in life with The Search.