Maybe you are in a sticky situation right now in your life. Maybe you are in some big decision-making calls right now or soon will be. Maybe your life is just grand right now and needs no assistance. In any situation, at any point of your life you not only need to know Now What, you need to do it.

The idea I want to convey is to be more than just the monkeys that portray - see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.
While it is good to shun evil and with God's help keep it at bay in our lives, we can't just sit on our haunches and acknowledge there's a problem. We have got to be part of the solution. Being part of the solution means not only reading/knowing God's Word (eyes), not only hearing The Word (ears), but speaking The Word (mouth).

"When our Lord Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He did not merely think about Scripture. He spoke it out loud. You can memorize thousands of Scriptures, but if you don't learn to say, 'It is written...," and release the Word, there will be no power. God's power is there, but it is all lying dormant inside you. The moment you speak it out, it is as if God is speaking. God's Word in your mouth is like God speaking. Amen!" (The Prayer of Protection, p.90, Joseph Prince)

So, in order to be at the point in our lives where we are speaking God's Word over our situations we have to have heard His Word and then stay in His Word by reading it daily. When this is a daily practice, the Scriptures become real and applicable to us. Memorizing passages is not a chore, it becomes second nature because the meaning jumps off the page and is applied to our lives.

Maybe you are in a dire situation, maybe you are not, but you know challenging times are coming. Will you know how to be thinking because of being in God's Word? Will you know the right Scripture to proclaim verbally over your situation because you have been in His Presence, reading His Promises? Or will you be back at the starting blocks asking, "Now What?"