Are you A Friend Of The Paralyzed? Would you be so kind and considerate to take the time and energy to assist someone who is paralyzed? Would you help someone who has a limb paralyzed or perhaps their speech or the speed of their functions is paralyzed? I certainly hope so.

There was a paralyzed man, helped out by most likely his friends or family and Jesus, that is documented in Mark 2:1-12 and Luke 5:17-26. Both Mark and Luke thought this particular miracle and the way it transpired worthy of inclusion in their recorded Gospels. Please take time here to pause and read these two accounts of this event.

Notice that the men carrying this paralyzed man traveled to the location of Jesus. When they arrived, they were late because the place was packed in, packed out and packed around. This suggests that their journey was great and so must have been their relationship, not only because of the journey but because they would not be denied an audience with Jesus. So, with every avenue blocked on the ground, the men went to the roof, removed enough of it to lower their friend or relative through and lowered him down right in front of Jesus. 

The next words are CRUCIAL. Scripture records "When Jesus saw their faith...", He spoke and acted. First, Christ forgave him then Jesus healed him. But not before being moved by the faith of the friends who brought the paralyzed man - "their faith".

To all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ - symbolically you are the "those men" that helped the paralyzed man. You and I have people in our lives that are paralyzed in their mind, attitude and spirit toward Christ. As followers of Christ, knowing His Love and Power to change lives we need to make a joint effort and bring them to Jesus. 

Where was Jesus in this event? In a home. Where is Jesus available to the paralyzed now? In the believer's home. We can start there, by bringing them into our homes and sharing Christ's love with them. Eventually, we need to get them into the church where the next level of growth and care can occur in their lives. If they do not accept the salvation of Christ in your home, perhaps in the church. In front of many, Christ forgave the paralyzed man and healed his affliction, but it was because of the faith of his friends that Jesus moved. But they have to be brought or at least invited into the presence of Jesus. Show Jesus you have the same compassion for the mentally, spiritually and physically incapacitated, be A Friend Of The Paralyzed.