The title of my previous post was The One Relationship Above Them All. This writing is The One Relationship To Rule Them All. The previous one was to convey the importance of having the relationship above all others, esteeming the connection we have with our Savior the most. This post is to encourage believers to use their relationship with Christ as an influence on all other bonds.

Two major hurdles with me in this influential effort are (1) to imagine my relationship with Christ as intimate as a marriage where I am the Bride and He is is the Groom and (2) deal with His invisibility in that relationship. I can conceive Jesus as my Best Friend who will never leave me nor forsake me. Plus, my heart, mind and spirit has no problem in reconciling Jesus as a corporate Groom for the Church. Jesus being my Groom as an individual is a challenge. 

However, all the characteristics that the marriage relationship shares is the kind of accord that I have with my Lord and Savior. His intimacy (lover of my soul), proximity (never leave me), access (boldly come before God at any time), counseling (Wonderful Counselor) and helper (our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble) traits are really magnified when I look at my relationship with Christ in this manner.

The lesson I am learning from my marriage to Christ is that all these qualities of my relationship with Jesus can and should be shared with others. Just as He is the lover of my soul, I too should have the same level of compassion for the souls of others. Just as He is always by my side, I too should be by the side of those that need me. Just as He is accessible at any time, I too should be accessible by those who need me for listening, counseling and helping like my Lord is so excellent at doing. My relationship with Christ should not only be the one I cherish above all others, my relationship with Christ, your bond with Christ should be The One Relationship To Rule Them All.