Room For Improvement

 “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” 

If success is not the end result of a goal obtained, either more could have been done to better the situation or more can be done now at the end to enhance it. Either way, in success there is always Room For Improvement.

When there is failure, the end of the world has not arrived. Fatality means the end of life, the end of one’s journey. Failure means the chance to continue on life’s path and capitalize on all corrections. Within failure, there is always Room For Improvement.

        The key to reviewing one’s goal or project, the key to adding onto one’s finished mission, the key to persevering through failure is courage. Having the mindset and/or spirit to move forward, whether in success or failure, in the face of danger, difficulty or pain is courage. This admonishment would have us to continue in this vein if we are to make a difference, for there will always be Room For Improvement.

*** – Quote NOT Winston Churchill, according to