I remember my humble beginning and the years since.

Many tides have come and gone

Countless phases of the moon have passed.

The seasons have taken their toil -

Tattered and torn, battered and bruised, twisted, sunken and old

My body creaks.

I have endured.

I have weathered the storms.

I have stood my ground - strong and defiant to this day.

Stable, strong, and dependable - or am I just stuck?

The history I have seen, the longevity I have endured is staggering.

I have been anchored for so long or is it stubbornness?

Visitors have come and gone or were they trespassers?

Either way they made their impact.

By nature I desire to peacefully influence all that is around me.

Trusted for shelter and protection over the years

Time has made me a patient observer whether I like it or not.

I have been the confidant of confidential information.

Now, the attention of others is elsewhere.

I seem to hold no wonder for people anymore.

It seems I am back to being......


by Chad Pritchard